The Pulser Low-Cost Digital Feedback Components

The ServoTek Products 2D2PSU-780D- Tachometer/Pulser is designed to delivery a pulse train for speed/position-control feedback from rotating devices, such as motors or conveyor rollers. The high-reliable components further offer a useful way to measure incremental shaft position, or to synchronize shafts, within variable-speed machinery. Pulser output is unaffected by speed, magnetic interference, ferrous dust, or mounting misalignment.

Please consult factory for other options.



  • Pulse output and analog output from one single rotating shaft
  • Produces from 4 to twelve well-defined square-wave pulses per revolution
  • Operating temperature range of -4° to +158°F
  • 4.5V  to 15V supply voltage
  • Compact size
  • Rubber coupling allows some misalignment of shafts


  • Variable speed motors
  • Conveyors
  • Rotating machinery and equipment