SB-7427A-7 DC Tachometer Generator (Flange Mount)

The Model SB-7427A-7 DC Tachometer Generator (Flange Mount) from ServoTek Products is designed for use in applications requiring an output signal between 1 and 10 volts/1000 rpm. The units come in three basic configuration grades: instrumentation, industrial, and automotive.

Instrumentation Type:
The low-cost high-performance instrument generator has a 0.120” diameter shaft for direct drive. It is ideally suited to instrumentation applications.

Industrial Type:
The industrial generator is designed for use in more rugged applications. The heavier shaft, 0.187” and special front-end ball bearing allow the unit to operate under heavier radial loads such as those found in pulley and belt drives. On many models, an enclosure on the terminal and protects the electrical connections against adverse environmental conditions.

Automotive Type:
Automotive generators SAE mounting allows for direct replacement of mechanical tachometers. The units also feature a flexible output shaft, to compensate for possible misalignment due to direct coupling.

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