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Bellofram Precision Controls

Bellofram Precision Control Division – Industrial Air Pressure Regulators and Controls

Diversified Electronics Division

ATC Diversified Electronics – AC Current Monitors, Relays, Pump & Motor Protection, Isolating Switches, Relays

WestconWESTCON AC & DC Tachometers


BelGAS Division – Gas and Propane Regulators and Controls

Marsh Instruments – Pressure Instruments and Gauges

Diaphragms Logo
Bellofram Diaphragms Division – Specialty Diaphragms

Thermo-Couple Products Division

Thermo-Couple Products – Temperature Sensors, RTDs and Thermocouples

Bellofram Silicones – Specialty Silicone Molded and Extruded Products

ServoTek Products –  AC & DC Tachometers and Encoders

King-Gage Tank & Level Management Products

Automatic Timing and Controls – Industrial Timers & Counters