New Phase/Voltage Monitor with “Rapid Cycle Lockout”

January 24, 2013 – Newell, West Virginia, USAATC Diversified Electronics, a division of the Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies, today announced the launch of the SLU-0200 phase/voltage monitoring series, designed to provide cost-effective protection against premature equipment failure or downtime caused by voltage faults or untimely outages on Wye or Delta three-phase systems. The SLU-0200 series also comes complete with “Rapid Cycle Lockout.”

Additional unique product features of the SLU-0200 series include auto-ranging scales (200-500V; three-phase), adjustable restart delay, adjustable fault delay, automatic reset, 8-pin plug-in housing, and specially designed LED indicators (normal-fault). This unit can be easily adjusted for voltage, imbalance percentage and time delay requirements to protect against unbalanced voltages or single phasing, regardless of any regenerative voltages. Units are also UL Listed. (file number E55826) and are available for less than $100 USD each.

Designed with high-noise environment applications in mind, the SLU-0200 series can be utilized for most generator-type applications and is suitable for most pump, OEM equipment and motor applications. In addition, the SLU-0200 series affords the user just one part number for voltage and phase monitoring, as well as machinery protection devices, reducing inventory management requirements.

For more information about the SLU-0200 series or other products available from the ATC Diversified Electronics division of Marsh Bellofram, visit www.marshbellofram.com.


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