PTA1-30-24 Encoder, 30 PPR, 24 Volt

A completely new Optical Encoder is now available from ServoTek Products. OEM’s and Motor Manufactures now have a simple, Low Cost Solution to their digital feedback requirements. The new Encoder can replace a variety of more expensive digital devices, as well as sensitive magnetic pickups that are difficult to mount.

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• Hollow shaft design
• Incorporates the housing and hub into one assembly
• Eliminates the need for a coupling or complicated mounting procedures
• Can be used to supply a digital tachometer signal for motor speed control and speed indication
• The small size, 2.0” dia., .900” long, makes it easy to use where space is limited
• Provides a single channel digital signal up to 200 pulses per revolution
• Standard mounting hole centers are 1.500” and 1.812”
• Operating temperatures up to +80° C
• Maximum speed of 20,000 RPM
• Hub bore can accommodate mounting shaft diameters up to .375”