PT Series Encoders

PT Series Encoders

PT Series Encoders from ServoTek Products are low cost modular encoders ideal for OEM and motor manufacturers. Provides a low cost solution to digital feedback requirements. Hollow shaft design and incorporates the hub and housing into one assembly. Provides a single or dual channel digital signal.

Choose below from among hundreds of available standard models of our PT Series DC Encoder family, now available for immediate online order, with our new product configurator.  To find the best model for your application, follow the dropdown prompts to select parameters, and the right SKU and pricing will configure automatically. For technical assistance, or capacities not listed here, please click here.

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  • Small size with standard mounting hole centers
  • Operating temperatures up to 80C
  • Maximum speed of 20,000 rpm
  • Hub bore accommodates mounting shaft up to 0.251”

PT Series