B-Series DC Tachometer Generators 11-24VDC

B-Series DC Tachometer Generators 11-24VDC

B-Series DC tachometer generators are designed for applications requiring output voltages between 11 and 24 VDC/1000 RPM.  This high-performance generator has available three different shaft styles and diameters for direct drives. It also is available with three different mounting options. Various voltage output options are available as well as a choice of Tolerance and Ripple.

For customer convenience, ServoTek has now made available for immediate online order more than 400 fully configurable models of our B-Series DC Tachometer generators. To find the best model for your application, follow the dropdown prompts to select parameters, and the right SKU and pricing will configure automatically.

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  • Class H Insulation
  • No phase shift
  • Low driving torque
  • Bi-directional operation