Aerospace Tachometers

Aerospace tachometers from ServoTek Products are used for a variety of commercial aviation applications. DC tachometers measure airplane engine speed and wheel landing speeds electrically. Reliable measurements are obtained by using the rotational speed of an armature inside a magnetic field to creates a voltage proportional to the rpm. The voltage is then read by an rpm indicator or feed into a computer to control braking action of the aircraft. The inherent characteristics of tachometer are its fast response and capability to operate accurately over a range of speeds. This makes our aerospace DC tachometers ideal for use in torque, positioning and controlled speed systems.

All products are designed, developed and manufactured in-house at our AS9100 and ISO9001 certified facility in Newell, West Virginia, USA, with some of the industry’s most competitive lead times.

ServoTek offers a wide range of outputs and configuration available for aerospace applications. Contact us today for an application assessment.