ServoTek Products | Tachsyn Transducer 1/2″ Bore with Rotor | T5400WBC-R



Tachsyn Series Brushless DC Tachometers from ServoTek Products are a family of tachometers / commutators. This is a unique type of transducer that can be used as either a brushless dc tachometer and/or as a brushless dc motor commutator. The Tachsyn transducer is a magnetic sensing device in which the output windings, field winding, permanent magnet are all located in the stator, thus maximizing reliability. The very-low-inertia rotor has no windings, but is, instead, contoured with high- and low-reluctance poles.

Tachsyn transducers are available in models to commutate 4-, 6-, 8-pole brushless dc motors. Any size may be used when a simple tachometer signal is all that is required. Pancake-shaped Tachsyn transducers are easily mounted, cantilever-style, to the back of a motor or other device, with synchro-type adjustment for phasing. The Tachsyn tachometers / commutators offers an economical solution to many velocity-loop problems, whether brushless or standard servo.  For technical assistance, or capacities not listed here, please click here.

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