Model 14000 Removable Diaphragm Seal

The Marsh Instruments Model 14000 Removable Diaphragm Seal features a clamped metal design with interlocking construction inside of the bolt circle for perfect alignment. The upper and lower housings clamp the diaphragm in place and allow for ease of field servicing. The model 14000 is available in threaded connections for pressures from vacuum to 2500 psi. The fill/bleed port screw in the upper housing is standard and an optional flush connection is available. Units are filled and calibrated to gauges only. Marsh Bellofram recommends the use of diaphragm seals such as the Model 14000 Removable Diaphragm Seal to extend instrumentation service life and reduce downtime and maintenance costs by protecting instrumentation from corrosion, clogging, freezing, or pulsation damage.



  • Interlocking construction
  • Bolted circle for perfect alignment
  • Optional flush connection
  • Filled and calibrated for gauges


  • Pressure gauge requirements from vacuum to 2500 psi
  • Corrosive installations
  • Installations where removal of the diaphragm seal is a service requirement