Digital Pocket Thermometer

The Digital Pocket Thermometer from Marsh Instruments is designed to provide portable, on-demand temperature monitoring capabilities to +302°F (+150°C). Accuracy is ±2°F with an update time of 10 seconds. The thermometer features digital temperature readout to a 3.5-digit LCD display. Units also feature a 5-inch long stainless steel stem and an on-off switch for longer battery life. Each Digital Pocket Thermometer comes with a protective carrying case and stainless steel clip. The clip allows the Digital Pocket Thermometer to be safely carried in a pocket and may be used to hold the thermometer in place in the medium to be tested. Typical applications for the Digital Pocket Thermometer include the food industries, HVAC/R industries, and any OEM or industrial application requiring fast and accurate temperature indication.



  • Digital readout to 3.5-digit LCD display
  • ABS plastic case
  • 5″ long stem 304 stainless steel stem
  • Accuracy to ±2°F with 10-second update time
  • Protective carrying case with stainless steel clip


  • Food manufacturing and processing
  • HVAC and refrigeration
  • Any industrial or OEM application requiring fast and accurate temperature indication