New Explosion Proof AC Tachometer Generators for Oil & Gas Drilling and Mud Pump Rotational Speed Measurements


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New Explosion Proof WESTCON AC Tachometer Generators
for Oil & Gas Drilling and Mud Pump Rotational Speed Measurements

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – May 1, 2014 – Newell, West Virginia, USA – Marsh Bellofram Corporation, a member of the Bellofram Group of Companies, has announced the global market introduction of its WESTCON 758-9910001 industrial AC tachometer generator.

These highly rugged, explosion-proof devices can effectively support the demanding predictive maintenance requirements of oil and gas drilling, industrial mud pumps, and waste and wastewater pumps and systems, with complete and efficient 24/7 rotational speed monitoring. The tachometer is especially beneficial for rotary table RPM and mud pump SPM, two of the primary parameters for achieving maximum drilling efficiencies.

WESTCON 758-9910001 AC tachometer generators are designed to convert rotational shaft speed inputs into a linear analog voltage output, even in the harshest of environments. The tachometers feature a standard ¾” drive shaft, with only a 3.0 oz-in starting torque. Their componentsare housed within a explosion-proof case that is ATEX certified for Class 1, Division 1, Class 1, Group D and Class 2, Groups F and G. Series units are also UL listed. In addition, their rugged, bearing-free and brush-free design requires absolutely no maintenance for increased reliability and minimal downtime.

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