New BelGAS Pressure Reducing Regulator for Commercial, Industrial and Gas Service

BelGAS_P203_P203H The BelGAS division of Marsh Bellofram (, a member of the Bellofram Group of Companies, has introduced the P203 and P203H pressure reducing regulators that provide a broad range of controlled pressure ranges and capacities for a wide variety of gas engine control and gate, service, industrial, and commercial applications.
Designed for maximum durability, Marsh Bellofram BelGAS P203 and P203H regulators are offered with cast iron bodies, with aluminum bonnets and diaphragm casings and with a durable powder-coated epoxy exterior finish. The regulators are available with a true monitor regulator, which acts independently of the main regulator. The monitor provides equivalent overpressure protection when compared to a standard two-regulator setup; should one regulator fail, the other regulator will provide control and overpressure protection to the system. Units offer installation versatility, internal relief, and fast action to minimize shock. The regulators are available in a wide range of available flow capacities and pressure control ranges. These reliable features make the P203 and P203H ideal for use in other types of industrial, commercial, and service applications as well as in gas engine control and gas gate applications.
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About the Marsh Bellofram BelGAS division:
With more than 40 years of proven market experience, the BelGAS division of Marsh Bellofram is a global leader in the design and manufacture of both high- and low-pressure, general purpose gas regulators, back pressure relief regulators, flow controllers, manifold systems, instrument air regulators, gauge thermometers, thermowells, needle valves and electronic products for oil, gas and petrochemical (pipeline); industrial plant air and gas regulation;  and general industrial pressure and flow monitoring applications. All BelGAS products are renowned for their high quality, accuracy and dependability within critical applications.