BelGAS Introduces Versatile Direct Operating Gas Pressure Regulator Series

April 22, 2012, Newell, West Virginia, USA
The BelGAS division of the Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies ( has introduced the Type P133, a versatile direct operating pressure regulator, designed to offer high-performance gas monitoring and reduction capabilities within industrial and residential environments.

Offered with a wide range of pressure capabilities within a single regulator, from 2” of water column up to 10 psig, the compact Marsh Bellofram Type P133 reduces the effects of supply pressure changes on output pressure via a balanced diaphragm design for accurate control.  With user selection of appropriate options, the regulator can be further utilized in either low- or high-pressure applications. Units are designed to reliably operate over a temperature range of -20° to +150°F (-29° to +66°C). In addition, the bubble-tight shut-off feature makes the Type P133 ideal for use with residential and light industrial heaters and industrial burners, as a reliable means of supplying gas to furnaces, burners, light industrial heaters and other appliances. No seat-to-seat adjustment is required.

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