2nd Shift Supervisor

Directs the activities of the BelGas Division in an efficient manner for the desired quality and quantity of work.  Reports to the Operations Manager.



  1. Supervises the activities of the assigned employees.
  2. Directs employees with respect to production volume, cost, quality, and meeting production schedules and delivery dates.
  3. Stimulates maximum efficiency and productivity of employees.
  4. Maintains adherence to Company policies, safety standards, and good housekeeping practices.
  5. Coaches production employees as required to maintain a productive workforce.
  6. Assures that machinery, equipment, and facilities are properly maintained for efficient production.
  7. Schedules overtime, as required.
  8. Arranges to have appropriate production records prepared and maintained.
  9. Maintains good employee relations and adherence to labor contract provisions takes proper and judicious disciplinary measures when required.
  10. Keeps records of departmental activities, as required.
  11. Assures efficient and economical utilization of materials, improvement of methods, and elimination of wasteful practices within the department.
  12. Performs other duties as required or directed.



  1. Recent graduate with BSCE/BSME helpful; solid knowledge of AutoCAD system; good mechanical, analytical, and technical skills; good administrative,

interpersonal and communication skills; ability to work as an individual

contributor and a team player.

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